When Will It End?

By C. Derick Miller

Every single one of us who’s currently partaking in this floating rock’s journey around the sun has been bullied in one way or another. Some say it’s simply human nature for a stronger individual to prey upon the weak. If you pay close attention to the animal kingdom, a so called ‘pecking order’ exists within every pack and family unit as well. When it comes to humanity, however, I strongly disagree.

We Need To Make This Film. NOW. And I Need Your Input.

By Scott Poggensee
I have a confession to make. This is going to come as a shock to others, and to some it won’t at all. But … I was never bullied as a kid. A lot of people say that if you weren’t bullied, then you were bully. I do believe this to be the case in probably 99% of the situations out there. However, I’m proud that I can finally say … I’m part of the 1%.

Audition Day!

By C. Derick Miller

Since the moment I had the epiphany to become a professional writer, all I ever wanted was to see my name in the credits of a film. This is finally happening after fifteen years of short stories, novels, and songs but in way I never imagined. A film about teenage suicide is quite a stretch from the monsters and ghosts who fill my other works…or is it? Not at all. This is reality, and it’s much worse than any werewolf or demon who’s inhabited my pages before.